Clean non-nuclear & non-radioactive measurements

Alternative for radioactive & nuclear gauges

Using M-Rays is an innovative alternative to applying conventional radioactive and nuclear measurement technologies. These conventional technologies require emission licenses since they typically use nuclear isotopes or high-voltage (>5kV) X-Ray tubes. They are not compatible with humans and the environment and governments therefore implement aggressive regulations or in some cases fase-out policies. 


In the industry there are two common types of radiation based measurement concepts:

  • Sensors based on beta radiation

Beta radiation is emitted by a nuclear source, a radioactive isotope. The use of such a source requires specific licences and is subject to taxation. There is also significant legislation to comply with when using radioactive sources – focusing on the safety of the users and their surrounding.

  • Sensors based on X-rays

X-ray sensors are cleaner, and follow a sort of ‘on/off’ principle. When an X-ray system is switched off there is no radiation, making it a cleaner and safer alternative – however less accurate and providing a measurement ouput which is significantly depending on the chemical compound being measured. X-ray technology is subject to a range of regulations and obligations.

No emission licenses required whatsoever

M-Rays are replacing conventional radioactive & nuclear measuring systems

As opposed to these typically unclean and high-TCO (total-cost-of-ownership) technologies, the M-Ray based measurement systems of Hammer-IMS require no emission licenses whatsoever. M-Rays are harmless because they are non-radioactive and non-nuclear. As a result, the deployment and lifetime usage of Hammer-IMS solutions represent a lower TCO because no emission-related licenses, training, protection, safety, etc. are needed. M-Rays are just as simple like the waves your cellphone emits. Another interesting application for radio waves!


Hammer-IMS has been around for quite some years and has built up a customer base in various industries. Currently, turnkey Hammer-IMS systems are operating at international nonwoven producers, textile coaters, manufacturers of plastic sheets and films, paper machine cloth companies, and a range of other materials.

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