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Hammer-IMS is a young, innovative and growing company. Hammer-IMS supplies highly accurate and contactless measurement systems based on own sensor and camera technology. Typical applications are thickness and/or weight measuring in the markets of plastics, foams, nonwovens and textiles during production. The market for these kind of applications is currently dominated by nuclear and single-point sensing techniques. The Hammer-IMS systems are a sustainable and cheaper alternative to these harmful technologies. On top of that, it enables multipoint measuring in a very efficient and cost-effective way. Our camera technology is offered in the same markets. Hammer-IMS was founded in the beginning of 2016 and is in search for people to broaden and strengthen its team.

We are currently looking for a field service technician. You will find the job description below on this page.

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Contact details

Noël Deferm
General Manager
Industrieweg 1401
3540 Herk-de-Stad
Mobile: (+32) 497 74 08 54

Field service technician

Job description

  • You will be responsible for satisfaction of the customers of Hammer-IMS’s measurement systems.
  • You will be sent to customer’s on site to perform planned mechanical and electrical maintenance operations (replacing parts, lubrication operations, recalibrating the system).
  • You will be sent to customer’s to solve sudden electrical and mechanical problems. During this task, you will have remote support from the Hammer-IMS engineers through an internet connection to diagnose the problem such that you can come up with a solution as a team.
  • You will be responsible for writing a service report, archiving it in our knowledge base, and communication towards the customer. The language will be English.
  • You will be trained regularly on the newest innovations of Hammer-IMS’s machines to make sure service work is carried out with the highest quality standards.
  • You will be working in an international context and are asked to communicate with the customer in a foreign language, preferably English. In the first years this will be mainly Europe, but intercontinental jobs may follow. You are not assumed to be longer than one week on site.
  • You will be responsible for storage and purchasing of the technical materials that is needed during your service work, including shipment to the customer’s site and managing the van you will use during your job.
  • You will be part of a 24/7 telephone permanence team. This team ensures 100 % availability to premium-customers of Hammer-IMS with 24/7 phone support.
  • You will assist the Hammer-IMS project engineers and project technicians within the company with mechanical assembly and electrical wiring of commercial machines. This portion of the work will reduce in the coming years.

Diploma prerequisites

  • Professional bachelor electromechanics or alike
  • Driver’s license (standard car)

Typical profile

You are passionate on electrics and mechanics. You are hands-on. You are open for unexpected and challenging international technical experiences. Safety is an important asset to you. You can work independently. You are an ambassador for the company and are able to scout new opportunities for new potential projects while you are on site. You are open to deal with new technology-features and acquire new skills. You are willing to reschedule any planned professional or personal activities to provide the best service to the customer. You might not speak not all our customers’ languages, but you dare to express yourself in the best understandable way to our customers. The knowledge of English is a must. You are open to an adventure. We do not necessarily require working experience, but experience in the machine-building industry is an advantage.

What we offer

We offer a job in an international and technical setting with an interesting salary package and extralegal advantages. Applying flexibility in terms of working hours is a must for this type of job. You will be working in a young and passionate team.

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