At Hammer-IMS we believe sustainability is crucial because it helps protect our planet's resources and reduces harm to the environment. We see it as our duty to operate in a way that minimizes our impact on the Earth.

Compared to older radioactive technologies, our M-Ray sensors are not harmful for the environment nor the operators handling the system. When taking into consideration the licenses required to use traditional radioactive measuring technologies, Hammer-IMS systems do not require such licenses, making it a better total-cost-of-ownership solution.

Experience the benefits of radiation-free technology:


No Radiation, No Training, No Costs:

Our M-Ray sensors do not emit harmful radiation, unlike traditional radioactive technologies. This means there is no need for specialized training or costly safety measures, ensuring a seamless integration into your production process. By eliminating the need for radiation licenses, our systems offer a better total-cost-of-ownership solution.


Elimination of Cooling Requirements:

Our systems operate efficiently without the need for additional cooling, which reduces energy consumption and maintenance overheads.


Minimal Service Requirements:

Our solutions are designed for enhanced reliability and longevity, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. By reducing material scrap and waste in your production plants, and enabling the creation of higher-quality products, Hammer-IMS systems contribute to longer product lifecycles and less material waste.

United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals

SDG3 and SDG8

Thanks to the sustainable nature of our solutions (no Xray or nuclear radiation), operators and technicians are kept away from any harmful radiation. This means that their job quality and life expectancy will be optimized.


By providing industrial measurement solutions for process and quality control, Hammer-IMS enables manufacturers to optimize their production processes, while minimizing waste, total cost of ownership, and energy consumption. This in turn, contributes to the broader goal of achieving affordable and clean energy by promoting lean, energy-efficient practices within industrial operations.


We only work with European high-quality suppliers, our domestic market. Working with high-quality suppliers means we are positioning our products as the best in class, enabling long-term cooperations with our suppliers and customers.


We upgrade many industries and industries to for sustainability. Many of our projects are retrofits of existing older equipment, turning it into new and competitive infrastructure. We carry out internal R&D, pushing the targets to increase the amount of R&D workers worldwide as part of the SDG 9.


Hammer-IMS contributes in reducing the amount of nuclear waste by providing an alternative to nuclear thickness and basis-weight gauges. We help our customers to control their material wastes by providing them gauges to control their products’ quality

SDG 15

By reducing production scrap and nuclear waste, Hammer-IMS contributes to reducing the impacts of industrial production on the environment.