Thickness and grammage measurement and feedback in action at Toiltech

Hammer-IMS installed an inline multi-sensor quality control machine at Toiltech in France. Toiltech is specialized in manufacturing technical and industrial textiles. The project has been set up in collaboration with Erhardt+Leimer France, which represents Hammer-IMS in France.

The machine configuration applies a closed-loop feedback system. It uses its measurement data to automatically adjust the coating knife in the production process of coated textiles. This way, Toiltech consistently maintains textile thickness and basis-weight.

The scanning machine is equipped with multiple non-nuclear M-Ray sensors. The M-Ray sensors measure textile grammage inline as an integral part of the textile manufacturing line. In addition, the system contains L-Ray laser sensors for measuring textile thickness.

Both the M-Ray and L-Ray sensors are integrated into the Hammer-IMS Connectivity 3.0 software as a single point of interaction. The Hammer-IMS system is a complete solution that enables Toiltech to automatically safeguard premium coated textile quality.