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Compact and flexible M-Ray-based measurement system for weight or thickness measuring

Integrated inline measuring product ready!

M-Ray inline solutions, ready for industrial use

Thickness and weight gauging through M-Rays

The ‘M-Rays’ based sensors – and related turn-key measuring systems - enable accurate & efficient thickness and weight gauging

What we do

We commercialise our disruptive ‘M-Rays’ technology – based on electromagnetic millimeter waves – ready for industrial measuring tasks

Thickness and basis-weight

We supply contactless measurement systems for quantifying thickness, basis-weight and anomalies of flat non-metallic structures (plastics, paper, textile, etc.) in production lines. The use of M-Rays – based on electromagnetic millimeter waves – is favourable in situations where conventional technologies fail to live up to expectations. The Marveloc 602 measuring units contain entry-level variants and top-line measuring systems offering augmented measuring accuracy and/or speed. Mounted on our CURTAIN multihead mechanics, you obtain a turn-key industrial solution executing fast profile measurement in cross-machine direction.

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Clean! – Non-nuclear & non-radioactive

We have been able to develop the ‘M-Rays’ technology by combining electromagnetic millimeter waves with advanced algorithms and electronics. The Marveloc 602 measuring units are the first portable and affordable ‘M-Rays’ systems ready for industrial use. The pure electronic nature of our technology makes it clean, reliable, robust, scalable and future-proof. ‘M-Rays’ systems are a powerful alternative for today’s nuclear and radioactive measuring equipment that is increasingly discouraged by governments.

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Multi-head inline measurements

Our CURTAIN multihead mechanics – containing multiple Marveloc 602 measuring heads – execute fast inline profile measurement in cross-machine direction. This off-the-shelf solution is able to measure over the complete width of the material. It offers up to nearly 100% material coverage and returns measuring feedback faster than single-head systems. CURTAIN is perfect for demanding applications – altogether a modular system in terms of dimensions and number of measuring units.

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Depending on your activities, Hammer-IMS can deliver either a standalone sensor unit or a fully-integrated industrial solution with total-care support.


Measurement Systems By Hammer-IMS:
The Marveloc 602 Product Family

The Marveloc 602 product family offers thickness measurement, basis weight measurement or di-electric characterization of compounds in various industries. In order to tackle each measurement task, Hammer-IMS has a diversified product range. Product differentiation is made based on the sensor's values for responsivity and precision.

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The Hammer-IMS digital sensing technology is active in the following industries.

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