Sustainable material measurement and machine-vision: turnkey solutions and OEM

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Sustainable inline thickness and weight measurement systems

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Innovative solutions by Hammer-IMS: A visual introduction

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Non-radioactive, non-nuclear measuring solutions for superior quality control

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Sustainable inline measurement and detection systems, unlike what you have seen before.

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Gain time, save material & increase product quality with our yellow machines! For 24/7 production use or for lab environments.


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We provide measurement and detection systems, machine-vision systems, as well as standalone sensors for the measurement of material thickness, material density and also material basis-weight, or anomaly detection across different industries. Check out our products page to find out what we can do for your application.

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Our latest news: Open House of Hammer-IMS in Herk-de-Stad illustrates Belgian innovation and evolution into a global player in industrial quality control

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