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Sustainable inline measurement and detection systems, unlike what you have seen before.


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We provide measurement and detection systems, machine-vision systems, as well as standalone sensors for the measurement of material thickness, material density and also material basis-weight, or anomaly detection across different industries. Check out our products page to find out what we can do for your application.

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“The non-nuclear M-Ray technology of Hammer-IMS perfectly deals with any sheet color, transparency level or thickness value, unlike the laser-based solution used previously. Hammer-IMS enables Orfit to respond and adjust the process much faster to keep material thickness steady and avoid wasting tons of high-grade thermoplastic material.”
Bram Moons-Baitel
Orfit Industries
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“The fact that Hammer-IMS’s measuring systems support a broad range of nonwovens as well as textiles (Felts and Fabrics) made us choose for an installation of this kind”
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"We use our M-Ray based machine to measure the thickness of vinyl coating applied to wallpapers. The absence of a radioactive source eliminates costs related to health, safety and other precautions. The straightforward procedure for production line operators allows for easy transfer in between workshifts. We expect more machine installations later this year."
Geert Veranneman, Plant Manager Grandeco Tielt
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"Sustainability is always a consideration for us. In our search for alternatives to radioactive source machines, we discovered the remarkable flexibility of Hammer-IMS. These solutions not only align with our objectives but also aid in crafting personalized, tailored solutions to fit our needs."
Jo Cinjaere

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17 May 2024
Step into Hammer-IMS

Recently, we had the pleasure of hosting special guests at Hammer-IMS HQ. From showcasing our latest products to giving them an exclusive tour, it were two days filled with insightful conversations and shared excitement for innovation!

01 Feb 2024
Software showcase of Edge-Vision-4.0-CURTAIN

Preview of the advanced functionality that Connectivity Software and machine-vision technology from Hammer-IMS can do to detect and classify anomalies and defects in the production line.

The machine featured in the video is an Edge-Vision-4.0-CURTAIN O-Frame, that has a section of carpet to represent a production line passing through it. On it, a series of foreign objects are shown to showcase the software's capabilities at detecting such defects and anomalies that might occur during the production process.

22 Jan 2024
Hammer-IMS company video

Watch the Hammer-IMS company video to dive into the world of sustainable industrial quality control systems. 


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