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A clean solution for your product quality!

Non-nuclear, Non-radioactive! Our measurement systems are pure electronic and future-proof.


Clean basis-weight and thickness measurement

We offer non-nuclear and non-radioactive measurement of material thicknesses and basis-weights. Our high-stand-off C-frame systems are unique in our markets.


Near 100% material coverage

Our o-frames integrate multiple sensor heads in a single scanner.


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Our powerful multi-sensor systems give you a clean view on your product's quality

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Depending on your activities, Hammer-IMS can deliver either a standalone sensor unit or a fully-integrated industrial solution with total-care support.


Marveloc and its derivatives...

We provide measurement systems as well as standalone sensors for measurement of thickness, basis-weight and anomalies in various industries producing semi-finished products. Check out or products page to see what we can do for your business.

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Our latest news: Grandeco applies scanners from Hammer-IMS!

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Measure thickness and basis-weight or your materials in the new way...
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