The latest news about Hammer-IMS
01 Jun 2023
Hammer-IMS and Vandewiele complete structural collaboration for coating quality in carpet production

Bilateral international agreement signed for coating grammage improvement in finishing lines for woven, tufted and needle-punched carpets and artificial grass.

Vandewiele's daughter company Bejimac, specialist in textile finishing machines, established a structural collaboration with Hammer-IMS on quality control of latex coating. This agreement fits in the shared vision of Vandewiele, Bejimac and Hammer-IMS to digitalize the finishing lines for carpets in which accurate, adaptive measurement plays an essential role. Hammer-IMS dedicatedly integrates its non-nuclear technology for measuring coating grammage into Vandewiele-Bejimac finishing lines. Thanks to the real-time measurement and automatic system adaptation of these smart systems, carpet manufacturers maintain highest product quality while reducing the usage and scrap of expensive latex material. The collaboration agreement stipulates that Vandewiele sells and distributes its Hammer-IMS enabled finishing lines. This resellership covers the entire world, except EU, the United Kingdom, Norway and Switzerland.

09 Feb 2023
Thickness and grammage measurement and feedback in action at Toiltech

Hammer-IMS installed an inline multi-sensor quality control machine at Toiltech in France. Toiltech is specialized in manufacturing technical and industrial textiles. The project has been set up in collaboration with Erhardt+Leimer France, which represents Hammer-IMS in France.

05 Sep 2022
Inline quality and automatic die control at ThermHex Waben

ThermHex Waben is using a non-nuclear and non-radioactive quality control machine of Hammer-IMS. The three-sensor inline scanning system measures the grammage of thermoplastic composite honeycomb panels and polypropylene honeycomb cores. In addition, the system with high measurement gap automatically adjusts the production's extrusion die to compensate for grammage variations. The innovative Hammer-IMS machine controls the production process better and eliminates human-related errors in the products of ThermHex Waben.

25 Aug 2022
We are moving!

Of course ... we are always moving with our new technology. But this time we are moving our HQ offices!

15 Jul 2022
Max Bertram joined Hammer-IMS as sales & business developer

As of January 2022, Max Bertram joined Hammer-IMS as sales & business developer. It looks like Max thinks internationally and has experienced different cultures. Here is a brief Q&A to get to know Max a little bit better.

15 Jul 2022
Preparing for event lineup across Europe in Fall and Winter

In the coming Fall and Winter months, Hammer-IMS will exhibit and/or participate in four events across Europe: Hofer Vliesstofftage in Hof (D), International Textile Coating & Lamination Congress in Ghent (B), K-Messe in Düsseldorf, and Global Insulation Conference & Exhibition in Estoril (P). Hammer-IMS will show a number of quality control solutions integrating plenty of innovations that provide instant feedback to manage and optimize your in-line production.

22 Jul 2021
Non-radioactive PMC felts grammage measurements at Heimbach Group in Switzerland

Watch our latest dual scanning system, which serves as an inline project for PMC felts at Heimbach Group (Olten, Switzerland). The automated M-Ray based system for grammage quality control eliminates radioactive sources at what the customer calls the pre-needle loom. We collaborated with Vansichen Linear Technology to fit a nearly 9 meters long steel linear module into a very limited inclined space envelope.

15 Jul 2021
Joost Poelmans joins Hammer-IMS to push M-Ray and machine vision technologies

A few months ago Joost Poelmans joined the Hammer-IMS team as R&D engineer. Say hello to Joost who studied engineering and collaborates on pushing the non-nuclear M-Ray weight and thickness measuring technology. He also introduces intelligent machine vision to further increase the quality control experience for plastic, textile and nonwoven manufacturers.