Max Bertram joined Hammer-IMS as sales & business developer

As of January 2022, Max Bertram joined Hammer-IMS as sales & business developer. It looks like Max thinks internationally and has experienced different cultures. Here is a brief Q&A to get to know Max a little bit better.

Hello Max, can you briefly introduce yourself?

Yes, of course. My name is Max Bertram and I have moved with my family three kids from Germany to Eupen in Belgium. Previously I worked and lived in Germany, Switzerland, Singapore and China. I have worked in various industries, but the common thread throughout my career is quality and process control. In my free time, I enjoy practicing analog photography.

Watch Max introduce himself in a video next to the new Chariot quality control system:

What aspects of Hammer-IMS made you apply for a job?

I noticed that the passionate team behind Hammer-IMS adheres to innovative and creative company spirit in developing and delivering customers quality control solutions that suit customer needs. The company has its business strategy set straight and is steadily growing its customer base. The team thinks out of the box in finding new ways to accomplish its goals. Nobody is afraid to roll up their sleeves. In the collaborative working environment at Hammer-IMS, you figure out how to get things done yourself, together with the team if needed, rather than simply delegating tasks to others.

What do you think about the innovative integration strategy and technology of Hammer-IMS?

In my career so far I see a contradiction that I want to resolve with Hammer-IMS. Although manufacturing companies have access to an ever-increasing quantity of data, they generally do not make very good use of the piles of data. In a way this situation is understandable because of the complexity of data environments - software and hardware suppliers rarely develop their applications in a way that makes it easy to process data and convert these into useful insights.

When you aim at maximizing the ROI (return on investment) for your quality control purchase, you potentially benefit from having access to combined measurement types (grammage, thickness, etc.) and quality related data (Edge Vision) to fully understand what is going on in your production line. In this regard, the Connectivity 3.0 software of Hammer-IMS is the key to the success of your investment.

Explain to us what exactly you will do at Hammer-IMS.

At the heart of every sale is the ability to resolve the challenges of individual customers. To live up to a customer's expectations, the team at Hammer-IMS goes through great lengths to thoroughly understand what the customers wants to achieve in detail and translate this information into a proposal for a tailored solution. At the center of customers' considerations should be the question: what job needs to done and how can this be achieved by purchasing a product or using a service. The more useful a Hammer-IMS product is in doing the job, the more satisfied customers will be with the product. Stop selling, start helping!

Your hobby is analog photograpy, how does that help you at Hammer-IMS?

Simply take one shot, without knowing how the picture will look like until the image is processed. You need to think through many facets of photography beforeclicking the button. The goal is to get the nicest picture.