The Marveloc 602 device for thickness measurement, basis-weight measurement and anomaly detection

Our Marveloc 602 measurement device

Hammer-IMS provides M-Ray featured measurement devices branded as "Marveloc 602". The Marveloc 602 is our core sensor building block. Its underlying M-Ray technology is based on millimeter waves. "Marveloc 602" stands for a complete product range, tailored to fit the needs of each of our targeted industries. Pick the product category that fits your needs.

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In case you just want an inline solution, check out our Inline Products page.

Depending on your activities, Hammer-IMS can deliver either the standalone device or a fully-integrated solution with total-care support.

Our Marvelocs can handle diverse measurement situations

In order to tackle each measurement task, Hammer-IMS has a diversified product range. Products roughly differ in terms of the device's values for responsivity and precision. The adjacent figure summarizes this in a single graph.

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Measure Thickness And Basis-Weight Of Web Materials the new way...
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