Glass and Mineral Wool Production

Solutions for insulation quality sensing

Mineral wool, stone wool and glass wool are the number one insulation materials in homes and public buildings. The thicker or the more heavy the material, the better its insulation characteristics. Insulation material can be divided into organic and inorganic insulation materials. In general, organic insulation materials, made of e.g. styrofoam or polyurethane, are extremely vulnerable to fire. Inorganic insulation, including mineral wool and glass wool, are nonflammable. The insulating materials of mineral wool, stone wool and glass wool contain randomly interlaced masses of fiber with varying lengths and bound by a binder. The main products of contain low-density insulation rolls, medium and high density slabs, loose wool for blowing, and pipe insulation.

The M-Ray sensor is a sustainable basis-weight gauge for mineral wool, stone wool and glass wool. It offers an in-depth view on product basis-weight in both machine direction and cross-machine direction. Machine configurations with multiple scanning M-Ray sensors spot deviations in your production process at the lowest latency, maximally covering the product's surface. 2D colormap graphically reveal the areas with highest and lowest grammage of the produced products. Using a frequency analysis tool, any systematic and periodic variations in the machine direction can be retrieved in order to better control these variations.