CURTAIN - multi-head measurements at 30 centimeter stand-off

CURTAIN system for inline thickness and basis-weight measurements

The family of CURTAIN measurement systems consists of different machine types:


Turn-key CURTAIN machines integrate the M-Ray measurement technology for industrial use. The machines are tailored to perform measurements 24/7 as part of an industrial production line. Every CURTAIN O-frame and C-frame contains one or more M-Ray based measuring heads. These sensor heads measure the basis-weight, thickness or anomalies in various flat semi-finished products. Thanks to the nature of the M-Ray technology, the measurement standoff can be as high as 30 centimeters. The high standoff is useful for measuring thick materials and avoids scratches and defects on the material.

Instead of M-Ray based Marveloc 602 sensor heads, Hammer-IMS allows for integrating other sensor types (see Sensor Fusion page) into a traveling or fixed CURTAIN system.

CURTAIN O-frame - Robust system for wide production lines

The CURTAIN O-frame machine, displayed on the right, consists of a rigid metal frame. The frame is mounted on accurate linear-drive mechanics, supporting high measurement reliability and robustness. The rigidity of the frame maintains high robustness even in harsh environments. The pure electronic nature of the M-Ray technology within this scanning frame is non-nuclear and non-radioactive. The traveling CURTAIN O-frame machine executes fast profile measurements, offering near-100% material coverage. The M-Rays’ high dynamics allow for high-standoff measurements that are fast and accurate. The width of an O-frame CURTAIN system can reach up to more than 5 meter.


CURTAIN C-frame - Offering arm length up to 1.5 meter

The CURTAIN C-frame system, displayed on the right, uses a 100% classic scanning C-frame concept. Its design is sleek and slim. The system can be equipped with one or more measuring heads. The system brings the power of multi-head to classic C-frame measuring technology. The pure electronic nature of the M-Ray technology within this fixed or scanning frame is non-nuclear and non-radioactive. The M-Rays’ high dynamics allow for high-standoff measurements that are fast and accurate. C-frame CURTAIN systems are available with arm lengths up to 1.5 meter. Such systems are extremely flexible because they can simply be inserted on either side of a production line without interrupting production. C-frame type systems can be used on lines of any material width.


The O-frame and C-frame types of CURTAIN systems incorporate one or more M-Ray based sensor heads (or other sensor types - see Sensor Fusion page). The sensor heads can be integrated into a fixed or traveling CURTAIN system for inline measurement. Traveling industrial CURTAIN solutions execute fast profile measurement, yielding near-100% coverage of the material throughout production. A fixed CURTAIN system covers a single trace along the material


The guide-through video on the left shows a CURTAIN O-frame machine and its constituting components. You see where the M-Ray based sensors are located and how the frame travels to obtain maximum material coverage.

Integrated turnkey CURTAIN solutions

Supporting clean, fast & accurate inline inspection at high stand-off

At Hammer-IMS, we believe that the software for our Marveloc 602-CURTAIN systems is a perfect fit for both O-frame and C-frame machine types. Therefor, we have developed our own Connectivity 3.0 software suite, tailored to obtain optimal performance. The Connectivity 3.0 software controls CURTAIN systems including all integrated M-Rays based sensors. The software provides fast measurement feedback and intuitive graphic result displays.


Sensor fusion allows different types of sensors to be installed in your CURTAIN or CUBE system to support different types of measurements, even running simultaneously. See Sensor Fusion page.

“The Marveloc 602-CURTAIN multi-head solution combines our three unique selling propositions,” says Noël Deferm, CEO of Hammer-IMS. “It contains non-radioactive M-Ray technology, measuring material up to 30 centimeters thick, using multiple traveling sensor heads for maximum material coverage.”


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