CURTAIN - multi-head measurements at 30 centimeter stand-off


Our CURTAIN integrates our M-Ray technology enabling full-industrial solutions. CURTAINs are tailored to perform a 24/7 industrial measurement task. Each CURTAIN machine consists our innovative Marveloc 602 measuring device. The CURTAIN itself is basically a rigid metal frame that supports high measurement reliability and robustness. The rigidity of the frame guarantees robust measurements even in harsh environments. The Marveloc 602 sensors in the CURTAIN system measure through the material, with the transmitter of the sensor positioned above the measured material and the receiver underneath. The M-Ray technology and CURTAIN’s respectable gap height support high measurement standoff (up to 30 centimeters), avoiding scratches and defects on the material.


One or more M-Ray based Marveloc 602 sensor heads (or other sensor types (link sensor fusion page)) can be integrated into a fixed or traveling CURTAIN system. Turnkey industrial CURTAIN solutions are typically installed for inline measurement in cross production line direction. Traveling industrial CURTAIN solutions execute fast profile measurement in cross-machine direction, yielding a near 100 % coverage of the material while producing. The fixed CURTAIN systems only cover certain traces on the material.

Integrated turnkey CURTAIN solutions

Supporting clean, fast & accurate inline inspection at high stand-off


CURTAIN systems are available in different frames types:

  • O-frame
  • Traveling O-frame
  • Fixed C-frame
  • Traveling C-frame

Check out the guide-through video aside to obtain some technical insights.

At Hammer-IMS, we believe that the software for our Marveloc 602-CURTAIN systems should perfectly fit with these machines. Therefore, Hammer-IMS has developed its own Connectivity 3.0 software suite, tailored to get the best performance out of Hammer-IMS machines. Connectivity 3.0 controls CURTAIN systems including all integrated Marveloc 602 sensors. It offer fast measurement feedback and intuitive graphic result displays.


Sensor fusion allows different types of sensors to be installed in your CURTAIN or CUBE system so that different measurements can run simultaneously.

“The Marveloc 602-CURTAIN multi-head solution combines our three unique selling propositions,” says Noël Deferm, CEO of Hammer-IMS. “It contains non-radioactive M-Ray technology, measuring material up to 30 centimeters thick, using moving multi-sensors for maximum coverage.”


Read about typical configurations

Check out some typical Marveloc 602-CURTAIN configurations here.

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