Sensor Fusion


The CURTAIN & CUBE systems of Hammer-IMS can accommodate single or multiple M-Ray sensors, but also sensors of multiple types:

  • M-Ray sensor performing thickness or basis-weight measurements
  • Eddy current sensor measuring the distance from the M-Ray sensor to a metal base plate mounted underneath the material to be measured
  • Laser time of flight (TOF) or triangulation sensor for hybrid thickness measurements or detection purposes
  • Laser curtain sensor for measuring surface roughness
  • Other sensors

Supporting multiple sensor types

Single solution running multiple measurements simultaneously

Sensor fusion allows different types of sensors to be installed in your CURTAIN or CUBE system so that different measurements can run simultaneously.

So is Hammer-IMS able to offer both thickness & basis-weight measurements in a single non-contact measuring solution. E.g. apart from measuring material basis-weight, tracking the thicknesses of non-wovens is currently an emerging process control activity.


Start measuring the future!

Measure thickness and basis-weight or your materials in the new way...
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