M-Ray OEM Module

An additional M-Ray eye for any measurement task

Whether you are a machine builder, a sensor integrator, a scientific researcher, or just an enthusiast, M-Rays can provide you with an additional M-Ray eye on your measurement tasks. Hammer-IMS is proud to present you its newly developed M-Ray OEM module.

The device has been developed with the main intention to open up the world of non-nuclear and non-radioactive thickness and basis-weight measurement to manufacturers of inline quality control systems. We are happy to assist you with your OEM projects.


Windows 10 compatible M-Ray OEM module

The M-Ray OEM module is a device contained in a stainless steel box. It is controlled by our Windows 10 compatible software environment called 'Connectivity 3.0'.

Feel free to ask further information and ask for a demo.

Start measuring the future!

Measure thickness and basis-weight or your materials in the new way...
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