M-Ray OEM Module

An additional M-Ray eye for any measurement task

Whether you are a machine builder, a sensor integrator, a scientific researcher, or just an enthusiast, Hammer-IMS can provide you with an additional M-Ray eye on your measurement tasks. Hammer-IMS is proud to present you its newly developed M-Ray OEM module.

The device has been developed with the main intention to open up the world of non-nuclear and non-radioactive thickness and basis-weight measurement to manufacturers of inline quality control systems. M-Rays - electromagnetic waves just like those used in your cell phone - can be applied to measure plastics, fabrics, nonwovens, coatings, etc. We are happy to assist you with your OEM projects.

Windows 10 compatible M-Ray OEM module

The M-Ray OEM module is a device contained in a stainless steel box. It is controlled by our Windows 10 compatible software environment called 'Connectivity 3.0'. The module's small form factor enables you to flexibly introduce thickness or basis-weight measurements into your systems.

The M-Ray OEM module stands for:

  • A small form factor stainless steel box containing our OEM M-Ray sensor
  • API-interface and documentation
  • A runnable demo application
  • Source code of a reference design
  • Fun times guaranteed ;)

The emerging M-Ray technology is making waves (yes!) in a range of markets. We are happy to assist you with your OEM projects! Feel free to ask further information and ask for a demo.

Watch the M-Ray OEM module in action

The M-Ray OEM module is a compact and clean basis-weight measurement system for nonwovens and coated textiles! It has been introduced on the ITMA 2019 fair in Barcelona. The OEM-module was also the topic of a technical presentation and discussion on the Hofer Vliesstofftage in Germany later in the year. Many reasons to watch the M-Ray OEM module in action.

Endless integration possibilities

Here you see the Hammer-IMS OEM M-Ray module integrated into a stationary multi-sensor measurement system for product development purposes. On this system, used belts are measured to investigate wear characteristics by acquiring various measurement types, including thickness or basis-weight. The integration includes a power supply, profinet interface and a raspberry pie. Using the integration, the manufacturer is able to flexibly execute M-Ray measure, pause and calibrate commands and take in the measurement results.

Introducing the possibilities of millimeter wave technology

Here's the OEM module of Hammer-IMS, ready to integrate into a variety of applications. It contains a 'millimeter wave' based sensor for material characterization as well as for distance measurements, vibration analysis and general detection cases. The compact module is packaged as a rugged, stainless steel box. It's rock solid and water resistant in order to operate on a 24/7 basis and to withstand harsh industrial environments. The OEM module comes with embedded software and API description for easy integration.

We are on the road with a demonstrator kit

We have a demonstrator kit available for our roadtrips, participation to trade fairs or technical events. Contact us for a visit through the contact form on this website.