Marveloc 602 devices for thickness measurement, basis-weight measurement and anomaly detection

Our Marveloc 602 Measuring devices

Hammer-IMS sensor products are built on M-Ray based Marveloc 602 measuring devices. The Marveloc 602 units are available standalone or as part of an inline industrial measuring product. These inline measuring products can either be a fixed measuring solution (entry-level CUBE system), or a scanning measuring solution (CURTAIN system with one or more heads). Further information on CUBE and CURTAIN systems can be found by clicking here.

The Marveloc 602 family of measuring units is also available as a separate OEM product. The Marveloc 602 family contains entry-level variants complemented with higher-performance measuring systems offering augmented measuring accuracy and/or speed:

Our Marvelocs can handle diverse measurement situations

In order to tackle each measurement task, Hammer-IMS offers a diversified product range. The product devices roughly differ in terms of measurement responsivity and precision, as illustrated by the graph.

Connectivity 3.0, our software suite

Whether you select a Marveloc 602 system standalone or as part of a CURTAIN or CUBE installation, our Connectivity 3.0 software controls the operation of all Marveloc 602 based measuring solutions.

Start measuring the future!

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