The latest news about Hammer-IMS
14 Jun 2023
2D Scanner for 100% Inspection & Measurement of Basis-Weights

Discover the accuracy and precision of Hammer-IMS' 2D Scanner Demo Machine and its exceptional performance at various industry fairs. Visitors at ITMA Milan 2023 were able to experience firsthand the cutting-edge technology that has revolutionized quality control processes across multiple sectors. The revolutionary 2D-scanner is designed for unparalleled 100% inspection and measurement of basis-weights.

31 Jul 2020
Low & Bonar debuts non-nuclear Hammer-IMS QC on PVC calendering line in Hückelhoven production plant

Known for the world's most advanced fabric technologies, Low & Bonar creates versatile materials in smart combinations to deliver performance. Since May 2020 part of German Freudenberg Performance Materials, Low & Bonar Hückelhoven is a pioneer in the technical textiles group. "The first purchased installation within the Low & Bonar has been running now for more than 10 months here in Hückelhoven, Germany," says Plant Manager Henk Hoekstra.

30 Jan 2019
Watch Robin Michiels talk about clean M-Ray solutions for measuring basis-weight and thickness

Hello, I am Robin Michiels, your sales contact person for Hammer-IMS. You have probably heard about our M-Ray radar technology. It is a clean alternative for nuclear and radioactive measurement systems in production lines. Our M-Ray solutions measure the basis-weight or thickness of all kinds of flat materials – like nonwovens, fabrics, paper, plastics sheets or films.

14 Jan 2019
Welcome Bram, the stage is yours!

Hello, my name is Bram Iliaens. Recently, I joined Hammer-IMS as product and development engineer.

06 Dec 2018
Stunning 30 centimeter standoff distance on non-nuclear basis-weight measurement

The 30 centimeter standoff distance on non-nuclear Hammer-IMS basis-weight measuring system is unique in the market. High standoff is perfect to monitor basis-weight across nonwovens production lines – from thick base materials to thin nonwovens ready for shipment. Check out the video below:

01 Oct 2018
2019 Winter & Spring exhibitions line-up

Hammer-IMS will tour across exhibitions in Europe in Winter & Spring 2019.

02 Jul 2018
Completed our tour of events across Italy and Germany

Hammer-IMS has participated in a range of events in Rome, Chemnitz and Cologne. 

22 May 2018
Exhibiting on EDANA and mtex+

After completing our tour across Germany, Hammer-IMS exhibits on EDANA in Rome and mtex+ in Chemnitz. At the same time, CEO Noël Deferm speaks on the Chemnitzer Textil Tagung.

21 Mar 2018
Participating in upcoming international fabrics and nonwovens events

Hammer-IMS supports its extended reach in fabrics and nonwovens markets by playing an active role on events in Rome, Chemnitz and Cannes. 

15 Mar 2018
VIDEO: ​French nonwoven producer uses a clean Marveloc-CURTAIN for inline basis-weight quality control of felts & nonwovens

French nonwoven producer uses a clean Marveloc-CURTAIN for inline basis-weight quality control of felts & nonwovens