Stunning 30 centimeter standoff distance on non-nuclear basis-weight measurement

The 30 centimeter standoff distance on non-nuclear Hammer-IMS basis-weight measuring system is unique in the market. High standoff is perfect to monitor basis-weight across nonwovens production lines – from thick base materials to thin nonwovens ready for shipment. Check out the video below:

The video below shows where to position M-Ray enabled gauges for measuring the basis-weight of nonwoven materials in a carding line. The main functional advantage of M-Ray technology is the high standoff distance, allowing thick packs of nonwoven material to be measured close to the material feeder. It provides feedback very early in the process, which firmly reduces production losses. Activate the video subtitles to follow the explanation.

The Hammer-IMS measuring systems do not have to be removed from the production line by an operator while routing the material through the production machine, thanks to the large gap. This reduces operator interaction and human error.

A higher stand-off also removes the risk for stains and markings induced by the measurement system on the manufacturers’ (technical) textiles and plastic sheets.