The latest news about Hammer-IMS
15 Apr 2020
6 reasons to prefer M-Ray thickness & basis-weight quality control over nuclear & X-Ray systems

Our disruptive M-Ray technology is pure electronic by nature. This means that our non-nuclear measuring solutions are harmless for people and the environment. Completely safe for operators...

02 Jul 2018
Completed our tour of events across Italy and Germany

Hammer-IMS has participated in a range of events in Rome, Chemnitz and Cologne. 

21 Feb 2018
New Marveloc-CURTAIN with next-generation mechanical frame ready to be shipped

Our new CURTAIN integrates a next-generation up to 4.5 meter mechanical frame equipped with multiple sensors based on our clean M-Ray based measurement technology. The solution is developed to perform 24/7 quality control on inline production of plastic films, nonwovens, fabrics, etc. The new Marveloc-CURTAIN solution entails product improvements covering proprietary mechanical frame, M-Ray sensors, and Connectivity software.

24 Aug 2017
Hammer-IMS published in C2 Coating & Converting magazine

The industry-leading German magazine C2 featured the application story of Hammer-IMS successfully contributing to the production quality at ANL Plastics. The international producer of thermoformed plastic packaging – uses a Marveloc-CURTAIN measurement system from Hammer-IMS in its production facilities in Wellen, Belgium. The system contains four M-Ray sensors, continuously measuring the plastic thickness on an ANL Plastics production machine. ANL Plastics experiences the technology of Hammer-IMS as fast, robust, secure, ecologic and easy-to-install. Stefan Tielen, CEO ANL Plastics: "The disruptive technology of Hammer-IMS fits our strategy to play a leading role in downscaling the widespread use of X-ray and nuclear measuring systems in our sector.

11 May 2017 reports on Hammer-IMS Contributing to the production quality at ANL Plastics

ANL Plastics – an internationally renowned producer of thermoformed plastic packaging – is now using equipment from Hammer-IMS in its production facilities in Wellen, Belgium. Hammer-IMS, a joint start-up from KU Leuven University Belgium and LRM Belgium, recently delivered its Marveloc-CURTAIN measurement system to the packaging producer. The system contains four M-Ray sensors, continuously measuring the plastic thickness on an ANL Plastics production machine. ANL Plastics experiences the technology of Hammer-IMS as fast, robust, secure, ecologic and easy-to-install. The technology is considered as a potential game-changer for the plastic packaging market, since Hammer-IMS products do not use nuclear energy.

14 Mar 2017
Presenting Hammer-IMS at Limburg & Leuven Innovation Meeting in C-mine

Last month, Hammer-IMS presented itself in C-mine where policy makers from Limburg province discussed with University Leuven the entanglement of Limburg and Leuven on the level of innovation.

08 Mar 2017
Introducing clean M-Ray thickness & weight measurements for nonwovens & plastics on INDEX 2017

Hammer-IMS exhibits on INDEX 2017 in Geneva, the world’s premier nonwoven industry trade fair. After successful intro in plastics industry, Marveloc-CURTAIN multi-head solution innovates inline measurements of nonwovens in automotive & building construction.

View EPPM report on Hammer-IMS exhibiting on INDEX 2017

01 Feb 2017
Visit Hammer-IMS on INDEX 2017 in Geneva

The next major event where Hammer-IMS will exhibit is the INDEX trade show in Geneva, Switzerland. Come to this leading nonwovens exhibition, and check out our M-Ray based inline measuring products.

11 Jan 2017
Plastics Machinery Magazine reports on multihead Hammer-IMS CURTAIN measuring solution

Plastics Machinery Magazine (US) published Hammer-IMS CURTAIN solution in special report on innovative ‘multi’ units for film thickness testing. Among suppliers of film inspection equipment, “multi” is the latest buzzword. At the K show in Düsseldorf, Hammer-IMS introduced its CURTAIN multisensor device for measuring thickness.

29 Nov 2016
RETEC Instruments distributes Hammer-IMS measuring solutions in Belgium

Following the launch of its turnkey CURTAIN multi-head measuring solution at K-Messe, Hammer-IMS is now introducing RETEC Instruments as its distributor in Belgium. The thickness and weight measurements of Hammer-IMS are complementary to the measuring instruments supplied by RETEC Instruments to numerous production plants in Belgium. Existing and new customers of RETEC Instruments will benefit from the collaboration by being able to take advantage of the electronic ‘M-Rays’ solutions of Hammer-IMS to replace existing nuclear or radioactive measurement systems. The new technology will be of particular interest to the plastics and paper industries, as well as for a number of construction applications (e.g. insulation, gyproc sheeting), areas in which both companies have an active presence.

06 Oct 2016
Hammer-IMS features published in EPPM magazine

With the K-Messe coming up, it’s great to see Hammer-IMS being featured full-page in the September issue of EPPM magazine. An elegant way to introduce Hammer-IMS and its enabling measuring solutions to plastic processors in Europe and beyond.

27 Jul 2016
Should I consider non-nuclear thickness measurement in my production plant?

Based on millimeter waves, Hammer-IMS developed new systems for measuring thickness and weight in production lines of sheets and films. This innovative electromagnetic technology is seen as a powerful alternative for today’s nuclear measuring equipment, which governments want to gradually ban. Furthermore the technology offers up to micron level accuracy on industrial production floors, measuring both transparent and opaque in any color as well as rough & shiny surfaces.