Hammer-IMS features published in EPPM magazine

With the K-Messe coming up, it’s great to see Hammer-IMS being featured full-page in the September issue of EPPM magazine. An elegant way to introduce Hammer-IMS and its enabling measuring solutions to plastic processors in Europe and beyond.

On K-Messe, Hammer-IMS will demonstrate its Marveloc 602 measurement systems combined with Hammer-IMS’s CURTAIN hardware. This multi-sensor solution offers fast in-line profile measurement in cross-machine direction. Its multi-sensor approach is a clear differentiator compared to conventional methods.

The measuring technology of Hammer-IMS is clean, non-nuclear and non-radioactive, and suitable for material thicknesses up to several centimeters. The Hammer-IMS systems measure both transparent and opaque materials in any color as well as rough and shiny surfaces. Moreover, millimeter waves are as affordable as conventional measuring technologies.

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