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6 reasons to prefer M-Ray thickness & basis-weight quality control over nuclear & X-Ray systems

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Our disruptive M-Ray technology is pure electronic by nature. This means that our non-nuclear measuring solutions are harmless for people and the environment. Completely safe for operators...

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Here at Hammer-IMS in Belgium, we commercialize contactless measurement solutions for thickness and basis-weight of flat materials in production lines as well as for detection of anomalies in these materials.

Our disruptive M-Ray technology, based on the same type of waves that your cellphone emits, serves as an alternative for today’s nuclear and radioactive measuring equipment. M-Ray based measuring machines running at manufacturers of technical textiles, wall coverings, bitumen, rubbers, plastics and coatings, are non-radioactive by design and deliver higher economic value and tighter quality control.

This white paper digs deeper into the following six reasons to equip your organization with a Hammer-IMS machine:

1. Clean environment & high safety

2. High accuracy and superior material coverage

3. Flexibly employable across production lines & sites

4. High measurement gap

5. Wide application reach

6. Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Let’s now focus on the second compelling reason...

2. Clean environment & high safety

Multi-disciplinary engineering excellence enabled Hammer-IMS to realize high precision and robustness levels for its M-Ray millimeter wave technology. The systems are able to measure down to 1 gram per square meter (or 1 micrometer for thickness measurements).

Maximum material coverage is obtained by having multiple M-Ray sensors travel back and forth in transversal direction. The inline Hammer-IMS systems generate color graphs in real-time during measurement. This enables highlighting out-of-spec regions on the scanned material (in terms of thickness or basis-weight) by means of simple color highlights.

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1. Clean environment & high safety

Our disruptive so-called M-Ray technology combines millimeter waves (high-frequency electromagnetic waves) with innovative algorithms in order to create a viable alternative for nuclear and radioactive measuring equipment currently used in the market.

Millimeter waves have wavelengths of 1 to 10 mm, about the size of an insect (e.g. the honey bee as shown on the picture). We use millimeter waves as an enabler for precise and accurate measurements. Since millimeter waves have a lower frequency than visible light, they are non-ionizing and thus not harmful to humans and the environment in general.

Click here to open or download the white paper.

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