The latest news about Hammer-IMS
15 Apr 2020
6 reasons to prefer M-Ray thickness & basis-weight quality control over nuclear & X-Ray systems

Our disruptive M-Ray technology is pure electronic by nature. This means that our non-nuclear measuring solutions are harmless for people and the environment. Completely safe for operators...

02 Jul 2018
Completed our tour of events across Italy and Germany

Hammer-IMS has participated in a range of events in Rome, Chemnitz and Cologne. 

22 May 2018
Exhibiting on EDANA and mtex+

After completing our tour across Germany, Hammer-IMS exhibits on EDANA in Rome and mtex+ in Chemnitz. At the same time, CEO Noël Deferm speaks on the Chemnitzer Textil Tagung.

21 Mar 2018
Participating in upcoming international fabrics and nonwovens events

Hammer-IMS supports its extended reach in fabrics and nonwovens markets by playing an active role on events in Rome, Chemnitz and Cannes. 

21 Feb 2018
New Marveloc-CURTAIN with next-generation mechanical frame ready to be shipped

Our new CURTAIN integrates a next-generation up to 4.5 meter mechanical frame equipped with multiple sensors based on our clean M-Ray based measurement technology. The solution is developed to perform 24/7 quality control on inline production of plastic films, nonwovens, fabrics, etc. The new Marveloc-CURTAIN solution entails product improvements covering proprietary mechanical frame, M-Ray sensors, and Connectivity software.