Integrated turn-key solutions

Hammer-IMS integrates its Marveloc 602 device in state-of-the-art solutions for inline measurement. The synergy between the Marveloc 602 device, the CURTAIN mechanics technology and the Connectivity 2.0 software stands for powerful solutions for your industry.These solutions excel in thickness measurement, basis-weight measurement and anomaly detection tasks. Please check on the details below if an off-the-shelf solution has already been engineered for your application


The Marveloc 602 as the key-player

The Marveloc 602 does the actual measuring. It is an indispensable part of any inline measuring system by Hammer-IMS.

Our CURTAIN mechanics for seamless inline integration

We do not leave you unaided with just a sensor and some software. Our turn-key approach lets you choose between a various range of inline mounting mechanics. The mounting mechanics enables one or more sensor heads to be mounted in an industry-grade robust way.

Connectivity 2.0 software
for ease of use

Integrated solutions are offered together with Hammer-IMS's Connectivity 2.0 Software environment. It provides ease of us and integration with third party measurement technology.

Some cases...

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Start measuring the future!

Measure Thickness And Basis-Weight Of Web Materials the new way...
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