Compact and affordable Marveloc-CHARIOT measuring machine for thickness and basis-weight quality control

New 2021 Marveloc-CHARIOT system for inline thickness and basis-weight measurements

Hammer-IMS released the new M-Ray based 2021 Marveloc-CHARIOT (or shorter the Chariot!) measuring machine. The compact system is perfectly suited for new and retrofit production lines of thick nonwovens, coated textiles and heavy plastic sheets. The new system efficiently measures the basis-weight or thickness where capacitive measurements are typically not an option. The Chariot is an affordable solution as it incorporates a single-sensor traveling unit that scans the entire product width.

Chariot offering a single traveling sensor unit

The Marveloc-CHARIOT is unique in its simplicity as it offers a single traveling sensor unit. No space next to the production line is required to move the Chariot in or out. Therefore, the Chariot is the ideal solution to retrofit existing production lines of nonwovens, textiles and plastics. A small footprint and high mechanical rigidity are an integral part of the Chariot, irrespective of product width. This means that it can be flexibly integrated into any new or existing production line.

Concretely, basis-weight quality control with the Chariot applies to nonwovens and fabrics with grammages higher than 500 gsm. The Chariot is also able to measure coatings on textiles. Concerning product thickness, the Chariot accurately and affordably measures extruded plastic sheets of 0.4 millimeters or thicker.


Chariot further reduces TCO of inline measurements

Benefit from the flexibility and versatility of the affordable Chariot with a single-sensor traveling unit.


M-Ray based quality control is proven technology

The Chariot's disruptive M-Ray technology combines millimeter waves (high-frequency electromagnetic waves) with innovative algorithms in order to create a viable alternative for nuclear and radioactive measuring equipment currently used in the market. The application of M-Rays has been proven to be effective and has been used by many international producers in many countries.

The Connectivity software, shipped along with any M-Ray measurement system, controls the Chariot measurement solution in a single software environment. The software is easy to use, contains various industry-specific visualizations, and is available pre-installed on a rugged industrial PC or a desktop PC offering a widescreen experience. It offers a various number of both time-stamped and position-based visualizations. The Hammer-IMS software supports as well closed-loop feedback control. It allows the production to be adjusted automatically to maintain high production quality and minimize material scrap.

Further reducing TCO of inline measurements

The flexibility and versatility of the affordable Chariot reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) of inline measurements significantly. That is why an increasing number of manufacturers opt for M-Ray based quality control systems of Hammer-IMS for both thickness and basis-weight measurement.


Start measuring the future!

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