U-Ray technology

What is U-Ray technology?

U-Ray is technology focused on ultrasonic thickness measurement. It is designed to penetrate metallic or metallized objects, such as carbon fibers or carbon sheets, where electromagnetic fields or waves (like those used in C-Rays or M-Rays) are ineffective. U-Ray is optimized for quality control of thinner materials and is particularly suited for applications like measuring layer-coated thickness on metal substrates, such as in battery film applications.

How Does U-Ray Work?

U-Ray utilizes advanced digital ultrasound sensors, upgraded from analog ultrasound sensing with digital signal processing (DSP) techniques. These enhancements enable accurate phase and power detection of ultrasound waves. By using DSP, U-Ray achieves stable and reliable measurement results, effectively measuring thickness in challenging environments where traditional electromagnetic methods fail. The U-Ray sensors employ the same algorithms and calibration techniques as our M-Rays technology, ensuring consistent and precise measurements.

Excellent fit for battery film (coating) applications

As it is able to measure through metallic materials, the U-Ray sensor excellently fits solutions for battery film applications, in which coated layer thicknesses should be measured on a metal substrate.