The latest news about Hammer-IMS
25 Jul 2023
Sustainable Thickness & Basis Weight Measurement for Battery Film Production

Hammer-IMS is proud to showcase its Marveloc-CURTAIN-MINI at the 13th European Advanced Automotive Battery Conference (AABC 2023) with a combination of U-Ray and L-Ray sensors that together perform thickness and basis weight measurements of battery film electrode coating and cell calendering stages.

02 Mar 2022
2022 Winter & Spring exhibitions line-up

After INDEX in Geneva last November, Hammer-IMS resumed its exhibition tour across Germany in Winter & Spring 2022. Many people came and visited us to watch one of our non-nuclear inline thickness and basis weight measuring systems in action! For example, the sleek and slim C-frame based system proves to be ideal for quality control of foils and films as well as coatings, paper, fabrics, textiles and nonwovens.

02 Jul 2018
Completed our tour of events across Italy and Germany

Hammer-IMS has participated in a range of events in Rome, Chemnitz and Cologne. 

02 Mar 2018
Innovative Measurement of Coatings event

Hammer-IMS kindly invites you to the upcoming Belgian event (co-organized by Hammer-IMS) where Technical and Product Manager Tom Redant will speak. The event includes short presentations related to innovative measuring techniques for coatings and a visit of the Hammer-IMS facilities.

11 Jan 2017
Plastics Machinery Magazine reports on multihead Hammer-IMS CURTAIN measuring solution

Plastics Machinery Magazine (US) published Hammer-IMS CURTAIN solution in special report on innovative ‘multi’ units for film thickness testing. Among suppliers of film inspection equipment, “multi” is the latest buzzword. At the K show in Düsseldorf, Hammer-IMS introduced its CURTAIN multisensor device for measuring thickness.

27 Jul 2016
Should I consider non-nuclear thickness measurement in my production plant?

Based on millimeter waves, Hammer-IMS developed new systems for measuring thickness and weight in production lines of sheets and films. This innovative electromagnetic technology is seen as a powerful alternative for today’s nuclear measuring equipment, which governments want to gradually ban. Furthermore the technology offers up to micron level accuracy on industrial production floors, measuring both transparent and opaque in any color as well as rough & shiny surfaces.