Sustainable Thickness & Basis Weight Measurement for Battery Film Production

Hammer-IMS is proud to showcase its Marveloc-CURTAIN-MINI at the 13th European Advanced Automotive Battery Conference (AABC 2023) with a combination of U-Ray and L-Ray sensors that together perform thickness and basis weight measurements of battery film electrode coating and cell calendering stages.

We were thrilled to showcase our innovative Marveloc-CURTAIN-MINI at the recent AABC 2023 battery technology exhibition hosted by Cambridge EnerTech. Our cutting-edge technology combines U-Ray and L-Ray sensors to provide accurate and sustainable measurements of thickness and basis weight during battery film electrode coating and cell calendering stages. Not only does our Marveloc-CURTAIN-MINI ensure reliable measurements, but it also has the capability to detect coating defects, cracks, and other anomalies with the help of our Edge-Vision-4.0 system. This comprehensive solution ensures the highest quality standards in battery film production.

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all the visitors who stopped by our booth, and to UHasselt and imo-imomec for the material samples used.