On tour in Germany

The coming months, Hammer-IMS will cross Germany for speaker assignments or tabletop exhibits in leading conferences. The tour consists of textiles, nonwovens or plastics related events targeting material research, inline manufacturing and quality inspection. The first stops on the tour are Berlin - Textile Coating and Laminating (TCL) conference – and Hof - Hofer Vliesstofftage – both taking place simultaneously.

Textile Coating and Laminating (TCL) conference

Following a successful presentation given on the Unitex Coating & Laminating conference in Gent (Belgium), Hammer-IMS will have a tabletop exhibit on the international TCL conference in Berlin. CEO Noël Deferm will introduce M-Rays, the game-changing measuring technology of Hammer-IMS for inline basis-weight quality inspection. TCL is a venue with practical presentations focusing on what is really matters to textile manufacturers in the industry today and tomorrow, supplemented by intensive discussion sessions actively led by the session chairs.

Hofer Vliesstofftage

The Hofer Vliesstofftage (November 8-9, 2017) is the main European event for technical innovations in the nonwoven industry. Speakers from industrial and research organisations will present new developments, innovative production processes and finishing methods for nonwovens. Senior R&D Engineer Nele Reynders will speak on behalf of Hammer-IMS with her presentation, titled: “Will clean M-Rays replace X-Rays for nonwoven weight measuring?” With environmental care being a key topic as the nonwovens industry, the organization welcomes Hammer-IMS and its non-nuclear and non-radioactive measuring technology.

AMI Breathable Films conference

AMI announces the launch of a new international conference, Breathable Films 2018, taking place March 7-8 2018 in Cologne. This brand-new conference brings together industry-elite speakers to evaluate and discuss the trends, challenges and opportunities facing the breathable films industry, across applications. Noël Deferm will speak about “Scratchless and high-coverage thickness measurement of films as a clean alternative to nuclear gauging.” The Breathable Films conference covers developments and innovations in raw material characteristics, machinery, testing techniques, film formulation, extrusion & processing technologies.

Filtech 2018

Filtech is a large worldwide filtration event focusing on designing, improving, purchasing, selling or researching filtration and separation equipment and services. Tom Redant will briefly discuss high-coverage inline basis-weight measurement of nonwoven filtration media using M-Ray technology. Basis-weight measurement with M-Rays represents a clean alternative to nuclear and X-ray gauging. Accurate and clean basis-weight measurement responds to specific challenges of the filtration media converting industry, including the high cost of mainly polymeric-based nonwoven filament material and the increasing demand for high product quality

Duisburger Extrusionstagung 2018

The next stop on the tour is Duisburg, where the Duisburger Extrusionstagung will take place (14-15 March 2018). This year’s edition focuses on high-performance extrusion and innovations related to materials, machines & installations. Noël Deferm will explain how the clean M-Ray technology of Hammer-IMS measures plastic construction sheets and films inline. The Hammer-IMS systems offer contactless thickness profile measurement of systems for plastic sheets for construction purposes made of a range of materials, including PE, PP, Acrylic, Plexiglas, or PC. The clean solutions successfully respond to the increasing request of the plastic converting industry for increased product quality and savings on costly polymer compounds.

AMI Heavy Duty Sacks 2018

The Heavy Duty Sacks conference discusses the challenges and opportunities by presenting research findings and potential innovative solutions related to manufacturing, packing, transportation and storage of heavy duty bags and sacks. Tom Redant will elaborate on clean M-Ray based inline thickness measurement and defect detection in heavy-duty sack plastic produced through tubular blown film or cast film extrusion. Inline M-Ray based thickness measurement solutions reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) for heavy duty sacks producers. The technology enables a high stand-off distance, avoiding scratches or damage on the film material. The use of multiple M-Ray sensors maximise material coverage and defect detection. 

On tour in Germany  

Textile Coating and Laminating (TCL) conference – November 8-9 2017 – Berlin (DE) – Tabletop exhibit

Hofer Vliesstofftage – November 8-9 2017 – Hof (DE) – Speaker

AMI Breathable Films conference – March 7-8 2018 – Cologne (DE) – Speaker

Filtech 2018 - March 13-15 - Cologne (DE) – Speaker

Duisburger Extrusionstagung 2018 – March 14-15 2018 – Duisburg (DE) – Speaker

AMI Heavy Duty Sacks 2018 - June 19-20 - Cologne (DE) - Speaker