Hammer-IMS takes care of your project

With many international system installations taking place, we want to point out that the design, delivery and installation process of your order is in good hands. Your purchase with Hammer-IMS is a smart move, not only while we are working to deliver your shiny yellow machine on time but also when the machine will be running at your facility in your production line of choice.

Providing a machine that exactly matches your needs

We have put a solid, transparent customer project flow in place that fully unburdens you and minimizes any risks toward full inline machine operation. In the end, we want to provide a machine that exactly matches your needs: fulfilling all dimensional constraints, containing all software features, and realizing the best measurement performance for your application.

Gauging your products more accurately and efficiently

In collaboration with you, our team of specialists will address every application aspect. Our way to deal with the customer ensures that your new quality control solution fits your specific needs and will be delivered on promise. Your solution is ready to gauge your products more efficiently and within tighter quality margins - with full support of your partner Hammer-IMS.