ATEX-approved M-Ray measurement system design on request

Design for use in potentially explosive environments (ATEX)

As an option, Hammer-IMS can deliver measuring solutions ready for use in potentially explosive environments (ATEX). When designing Marveloc based measuring machines for this purpose, our engineers take into account a range of specific aspects:

  • Using anti-static materials
  • Applying qualitative grounding wiring to all machine parts
  • Limiting radio power
  • Reducing temperature
  • Introducing overpressure systems and overpressure security mechanisms

Marveloc sensing technologies comprise of M-Ray (electro-magnetic), L-Ray (laser), C-Ray (capacitive) U-Ray (ultrasound) and Edge-Vision. In addition, Hammer-IMS offers machine-vision technologies.

Experienced with realizing ATEX-related projects

Hammer-IMS has experience with delivering machines for ATEX environments. The picture shows the air supply of an overpressure system that is part of the countermeasures implemented for safe use in potentially explosive environments.

ATEX-approved electric servo and stepper motors

Also important is the use of ATEX-approved electric servo and stepper motors. For this purpose, Hammer-IMS uses specific motors of Schneider Electric.

Marveloc-CURTAIN-C-Frame, ATEX