Offline FEEDER solutions for validation purposes

The FEEDER product line is dedicatedly developed for supporting thickness and basis-weight gauges with their measuring task. It can be applied in a setting together with our Marveloc 602-CURTAIN, performing thickness measurement or basis-weight measurement. A feeder product typically transports sample material specimens through the measuring machine for R&D purposes or offline validation of materials. Using the feeder, a full coverage of a material sample can be realized, which makes it an outstanding choice for thorough analysis of your product's quality. The compact and low weight FEEDER products can be operated through the Connectivity 3.0 software that controls the Marveloc 602-CURTAIN measuring system.


The FEEDER systems consist of a strong and solid mechanical construction. Any feeder system we deliver can work as an add-on to the Marveloc 602-CURTAIN measuring machine, and is therefore designed to be controlled through the Connectivity 3.0 software of the measuring system. An electrical powered set of rollers drive a plastic film transport belt. Any sample of nonwoven, textile, foam, film or sheet can be placed on top of the belt for transportation through the Marveloc 602-CURTAIN measuring machine. As a result, R&D engineers or production staff can evaluate the samples’ thickness, basis-weight or even anomalies (inhomogeneous sections, holes large and small, etc.).

The FEEDER product line is developed for facilitating offline thickness and basis-weight measurements and anomaly detection. Samples of any material can be put on the plastic transport belt: nonwovens (needlepunching, bonding, tufting, etc.), textiles (lamination, coating, etc.), physical and chemical foaming processes, plastic films and sheets, etc.


Rigid FEEDER solutions for R&D & offline validation

Automatically feeding material specimens through Marveloc 602-CURTAIN


Connecting a FEEDER system is straightforward. The power assembly of the feeder has a cable with a regular power plug. A usb-cable is provided to connect the power assembly with any Windows or Linux-based computer. It can also directly be connected to a computer which runs Connectivity 3.0, our proprietary control software. The feeder is then operated through the Feeder Settings dialog box of the Connectivity 3.0 software. From this dialog box, users can select the transport belt direction and its speed. Connectiviyt 3.0 also tracks the feeder's position, enabling generation of 2D-scan data.

The feeder systems can be maintained easily according to guidelines described in the manual of the product. Similarly, the manual lists a number of safety instructions to ensure the security of system users. Contact Hammer-IMS for further details.


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