OEM air permeability sensor

Aerobility Air Permeability Sensor

The AEROBILITY sensor, better known as the Aerobility Air Permeability Sensor, perfectly fits the requirements of air permeability measurements for various materials among which metal filters, non-woven filters, with a specific focus on air filtration. The sensor applies a 200 Pa under-pressure and calculates the air permeability based on measuring the air flow through the either the Venturi effect of fan speed tracking. It can directly be interfaced by Hammer-IMS’s Con-
nectivity software environment and therefore can be tightly integrated with Hammer-IMS’s MRay technology (for basis-weight measuring) or third party technologies such as laser technology (for thickness measurement). The AEROBILITY features a measurement range starting from 1800 m3/[m2 h] up to 7700 m3/[m2h] obtaining a precision of 0.58 m3/[m2 h] in the mid range. The sensor features a data rate of 52 Hz and a response time of 19 ms. The device is interfaced by means of Modbus TCP/IP or TCP/IP over Ethernet on request.


Connectivity 3.0, our industrial control software is the best choice for using this air permeability sensor. It can be installed on a Windows computer or can come pre-installed on our industrial panel PC’s. Connectivity features a real-time measurement data display, data export options and a recipe selection module.


Hammer-IMS can offer you a custom-integrated measurement setup based on this air permeability sensor. Contact Hammer-IMS to discuss your needs.