OEM air permeability sensor

Aerobility Air Permeability Sensor

The AEROBILITY-01 sensor, better known as the Aerobility Air Permeability Sensor, perfectly fits the requirements of air permeability measurements for various materials among which metal filters, non-woven filters, with a specific focus on air filtration. The sensor applies a 200 Pa under-pressure and calculates the air permeability based on measuring the air flow through the either the Venturi effect of fan speed tracking. It can directly be interfaced by Hammer-IMS’s Con-
nectivity software environment and therefore can be tightly integrated with Hammer-IMS’s MRay technology (for basis-weight measuring) or third party technologies such as laser technology (for thickness measurement). The AEROBILITY-01 features a measurement range starting from 1800 m3/[m2 h] up to 7700 m3/[m2h] obtaining a precision of 0.58 m3/[m2 h] in the mid range. The sensor features a data rate of 52 Hz and a response time of 19 ms. The device is interfaced by means of Modbus TCP/IP or TCP/IP over Ethernet on request.



Connectivity 3.0, our industrial control software is the best choice for using this air permeability sensor. It can be installed on a Windows computer or can come pre-installed on our industrial panel PC’s. Connectivity features a real-time measurement data display, data export options and a recipe selection module.


Hammer-IMS can offer you a custom-integrated measurement setup based on this air permeability sensor. Contact Hammer-IMS to discuss your needs.

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