Dirk Irle brings a wealth of international sales experience

Started in January this year, Dirk Irle joined Hammer-IMS as a seasoned sales and business developer in the DACH region, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. He has over 30 years experience in sales, marketing and technical support positions for a range of solution providers in measurement and engineering. Dirk has an engineering degree in computer science.

How did you find out about Hammer-IMS?

I learned about Hammer-IMS in a competitive setting. When working as a Thermo Fisher Scientific salesman, I ultimately lost a commercial deal against Hammer-IMS. I was impressed by the innovative M-Ray technology for thickness and basis-weight measurement of fabrics, nonwovens and plastics. Later on, Hammer-IMS and I got in touch and reached an agreement to take on sales in a number of regions across Europe.

Did you experience a smooth start in your new job?

Yes, I felt immediately at home in the Hammer-IMS family. As the company is only a two hours’ drive away from where I live in the Cologne region in Germany, I spend at least one day a week in the office. It is great to regularly meet up with the team to discuss sales opportunities and learn about new product developments. Hammer-IMS is really bringing to market a disruptive measuring technology. The enthusiastic team is also very motivated, flexible and customer-focused.

What do you think about the innovative M-Ray technology?

The main advantage of the M-Ray measuring technology is that it is clean and unharmful for people and the environment. Therefore, the Hammer-IMS solutions are a viable alternative to the numerous nuclear and X-Ray based systems used across markets. Unlike a krypton source with a large protective housing, M-Ray sensor are lean and can be easily deployed in multi-sensor machine configurations for maximum product coverage. In addition, the M-Ray based solutions with high standoff distance are ideal to measure thick nonwovens and hot extruded plastics.

What's your plan to further extend sales across Europe?

Sales deals closed over the past few years show that the market is ready for the M-Ray based solutions of Hammer-IMS. The Hammer-IMS brand is gaining awareness with the number of installations increasing steadily. This helps a great deal in convincing prospects and proving solution reliability. As I am active in target markets for many years, I am reaching out to many contacts and paying on-site visits to interested parties. I'm also going to industry fairs and expos to follow up on market evolutions and meet potential customers.

In your view, what's the market potential for Hammer-IMS?

The market for Hammer-IMS is huge. Nuclear and X-ray based systems have been the reference in the market for decades. But manufacturers are really starting to see that the M-Ray based solutions of Hammer-IMS offer distinct advantages on the level of measurement economics and flexibility as well as environmental aspects. By eliminating safety related certifications and precautions, Hammer-IMS further reduces the TCO for manufacturers. They are also able to use the Hammer-IMS machines throughout the entire production chain and flexibly use a single system in various production lines across the factory floor. With an increasing portfolio of Hammer-IMS installations, we are building trust and showing that we are ready to replace the existing install base of nuclear and X-ray based systems.

Welcome Dirk!