Hammer-IMS wins the 'Young Export Potential' prize of VOKA Limburg, the Flemish network of companies

VOKA Limburg, a provincial section of the Flemish network of companies, awarded Hammer-IMS the 'Young Export Potential' prize. Hammer-IMS wins the prize in the category of promising companies, which resolutely opt for export to drive business growth.

Read VOKA Limburg press release (Dutch language)

Hammer-IMS was founded in 2016 by Noel Deferm and Tom Redant. "As a high-tech machine manufacturer, they provide quality control solutions and sensors for industrial production lines," the jury says. "Given their focus on niche markets of textiles, plastics and nonwovens, export immediately was a must for them."

"As a true Born Global, the company located in Hasselt, Belgium, achieved its first commercial successes not in its own country, but in Germany, France and the US. Meanwhile, Hammer-IMS realizes more than 80% of its turnover through export. we were impressed by Hammer-IMS's vision and strategic approach."

Noël Deferm and Tom Redant (Hammer-IMS) and VOKA Limburg chairwoman Karin Van De Velde

Voka Limburg awards Hammer-IMS for its good export results and strategy. “The great export potential of Hammer-IMS makes our province stronger. Even in turbulent times, export remains a necessity. The corona crisis, Brexit or US elections do not change that. Our international advisors help any party who wants to go internationally, ”say chairwoman Karin Van De Velde and Cathérine Dreesen, director of internationalization and innovation.

Read VOKA Limburg press release (Dutch language)

Also congratulations to Konings and Europower Generators for winning prizes in the other categories.