Power of multi-head measurements


The portfolio of Hammer-IMS systems support inline measurements with single or multiple sensors. The use of multiple M-Ray based sensors in a solution reduces the occurence of false-negatives in anomaly detection tasks, or intensifies thickness or basis-weight measurement of the material profile. Hammers-IMS typically integrates multiple sensors into fixed or moving Marveloc 602 CURTAIN solutions. Such multi-sensor (or multi-head) approach is cost-effective because a single Marveloc 602 system controls and processes all the sensors built into these CURTAIN solution, opening affordable multi-sensor solutions across many industry segments. Hammer-IMS can integrate two, three, four or eight sensor heads in a single CURTAIN solution. Check the video aside for a brief introduction to multi-head sensing by our Marveloc 602-based CURTAIN systems.

Multi-sensor M-Ray measurement

Automated inspection supporting a range of materials


Turn-key scanning CURTAIN systems execute fast profile measurement in the cross-machine direction, yielding a near 100% coverage of the material during production. Many industry applications benefit from such a multi-sensor from Hammer-IMS: hole detection in the food packaging sealing or quality control of highly demanding medical product or packaging. Another application is the production of any type of plastic cast-film or extruded plastic sheet, where multiple sensors enable fast updates of the thickness deviations for each tuning bolt.


To support even higher levels of measurement accuracy, multi-head CURTAIN solutions can also be non-scanning or fixed. Such fixed CURTAIN solutions excellently serve applications that require inline tracking of material properties along predefined traces in the machine-direction. Depending on the type of application, these solutions can only be offered for batch production jobs.


As previously mentioned, the Marveloc-CURTAIN systems of Hammer-IMS can accommodate multiple M-Ray sensors, but also third-party technologies that might help to learn even more about your production quality:

  • Moisture sensors, telling something about material humidity
  • Eddy current sensors, measuring distances to metallic back-sheets
  • Laser time of flight (TOF) or triangulation sensor for hybrid thickness measurements or detection purposes (material edges, small impurities on materials' surfaces)
  • Laser curtain sensors for measuring surface roughness

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