Thomas More and BASF award Hammer-IMS intern Eli Keunen with Best Bachelor Thesis Prize

Eli Keunen’s work at Hammer-IMS awarded at Thomas More college in Geel, Belgium

Congratulations to Eli Keunen!

As a growing innovative company, Hammer-IMS is the perfect spot for students to do their internships. That was also the driver for Eli Keunen, when he opted for the thesis topic offered by Hammer-IMS. Past month Eli has completed his four-months internship as part of the Bachelor in Electromechanics, which he has acquired from Thomas More college in Geel, Belgium. A representative of BASF handed over the Best Bachelor Thesis Prize to Eli Keunen, who was one of the more than 100 students Electromechanics to be promoted in 2019. Eli’s study fits in the Technology and ICT division of Thomas More colleges across the Province of Antwerp, Belgium.

Eli says that he is very happy to have joined the performant and agile team of Hammer-IMS. “It is a group of fine people with whom I have worked on innovative sensor technologies and machine construction aspects. The Hammer-IMS team allowed me to gain experience in electromagnetics, electronics, mechanics and ICT. I received on-the-job training and was able to contribute to real projects.”

Learning, doing and making a difference

“It is a privilege to contribute to the engineering of the M-Ray technology and machines of Hammer-IMS, which are making waves in the industry,” Eli Keunen explains.

Tom Redant, CTO of Hammer-IMS: “Eli is a talented student who made a real difference. As a team player and quick learner, it did not take long for Eli to become involved in real product development projects. He contributed both to the thinking and doing, which helps a great deal in advancing projects up to product delivery. Under the experienced supervision of our colleague dr. ir. Nele Reynders, Eli enjoyed working on a wider technology spectrum and his hands-on efforts impacted real engineering projects from technical idea to market delivery.”

Interested in an internship at Hammer-IMS?

Currently, Hammer-IMS is on the lookout for candidates interested in doing internships during the coming summer, fall and spring seasons. We have a solid track record regarding internships and are currently targeting collaborations with bachelor and master students in ICT, electromechanics, marketing and office management. We welcome students from various educational institutions.

Join our performant and agile team. Get on-the-job training and contribute to real projects. Our projects are exciting and challenging with a significant impact on our product development, marketing and administrative operations. We have a structured and well-documented approach in place, which helps you get up to speed fast. We will certainly learn from you and we are convinced you will learn from us too!

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