Hammer-IMS introduces its new Color Graph software capability

At Hammer-IMS we are proud to be an innovative company that evolves continuously. The new Color Graph development in our software visualizes measurements in both machine direction and cross-machine direction.

Recently we released the new Color Graph software capability. All our new CURTAIN type measuring systems are equipped with this new Color Graph visualization capability. It displays the evolution of the thickness or basis-weight of measured materials in both machine direction (MD) and cross-machine direction (CD), whereas previously the visualization was limited to one of the two.

The new Color Graph offers the advantage that it clearly shows the path that the sensor head(s) follow. This allows clients to see where in length and width that the material shows potential shortcomings, i.e. the areas where the thickness or basis-weight of the material falls outside the pre-determined boundaries. The green color implies that the material is within the specified tolerances; red spots indicate where the material is above the upper tolerance level and blue spots where the material is below the lower tolerance level. With a single glance, the screen shows clients an overall dynamic graphic overview of the quality of the material being produced.

Watch the Color Graph video below: