Hammer-IMS explains M-Ray technology at the 9th International Coating and Lamination Congress 2017

The 9th edition of the Textile Coating & Laminating Congress: ‘Re-invent the Textile Coating and laminating Industry of Tomorrow’ takes place in Ghent Belgium on September 28-29 2017.

In the last decades too few technological innovations has been realized with little differences in textile coating and laminating processes and chemistry. Most textile processes, including coating are often too empirical and still too dominated by fundamental craftsmanship. Moreover, there is a growing demand for textile products that have been produced using sustainability operations and for producing products closer to the market with shorter lead times, quicker market response and possibility of smaller batch sizes. Modified or new emerging technologies will change and contribute to rethinking/r-inventing the production chain, using less chemicals, reducing natural resources (water, energy) smart or local deposition of new functionalities ànd applying new chemistry (polymers, additives) will revolutionize the actual coating/laminating industry and will create tailored made solutions for customers and end-users and new end-uses. The congress focuses on all you have to know about the state-of-theart, developments, innovations and future prospects for the coating and laminating industry. Of Course, Hammer-IMS is present with a booth and a talk!

Check out the programme here.

More info at www.textilecoatingcongress2017.be .