C-Ray capacitive sensor technology for thin-film plastics extrusion

Extending the Marveloc sensor family with digital C-Ray sensors

The non-nuclear M-Ray based solutions for thickness and grammage measurement has proven to be successful in textiles, nonwovens, plastics and other industries. In addition, Hammer-IMS is extending its Marveloc sensor family with digital C-Ray, U-Ray and L-Ray sensors to drive more complete quality control experiences in a variety of applications across markets. By combining multiple Marveloc technologies, manufacturers can retrieve even more information from measurements taken with a single Hammer-IMS machine.

C-Ray based sensing optimized for your specific application needs

Our C-Ray technology, as part of our Marveloc thickness and basisweight measuring products, combines robust capacitive technology with integrated variable-stand-off compensation. Thanks to the fact Hammer-IMS has developed its own internal capacitive technology with its own sensor geometry, we are able to provide solutions that are either optimized for small measurement spot, precise measurement performance, increased measurement gap, or a combination thereof.

Thickness measurement in thin-film plastics extrusion lines

Our C-Ray technology allows for a minimum-effort integration into our CHARIOT scanner machines. These C-Ray based solutions are extremely useful for thickness measurement in thin-film plastics extrusion lines, which are cost-sensitive and typically use limited space next to the extrusion line.