M-Ray featured OEM modules

Measurement modules for OEM integration

Next to turnkey measuring machines, Hammer-IMS offers measurement modules for OEM integration purposes in nonwoven, plastics, textiles and other markets. Typically these are single-headed measuring modules. With these products, Hammer-IMS targets the segment of machine builders, helping to equip their inspection or production machines with thickness and/or basis-weight measurement capabilities. Hammer-IMS takes control of all measurement system specific integration aspects. There is no need to become a measurement system specialist to interface with these modules. The use of M-Rays, based on electromagnetic millimeter waves, is an innovative alternative to conventional radioactive and nuclear measurement technologies. On the picture you see a compact fully integrated single-point measurement system running on Connectivity 3.0 software. Click here to let us know about your integration project.

Profinet or TCP/IP by default, other field bus systems on request

By default, OEM modules of Hammer-IMS support communication using a profinet bus or a TCP/IP client-server archiecture. Both busses enable communication between the measurement module and the platform software of the OEM machine manufacturer. Hammer-IMS strongly believes that supporting both Profinet and TCP/IP covers more than 90 percent of the market. However, Hammer-IMS can support other field bus systems on request. Furthermore, Hammer-IMS’s standard Marveloc-CURTAIN machines can also be equiped by Profinet or TCP/IP on request.