Where are we heading to?

In the videos below, Noël Deferm (General Manager) and Tom Redant (Technical Manager) look back on 2018 and comment on the on-going year 2019. Noël explains where Hammer-IMS stands as a company whereas Tom focuses on technology and product developments.

Noël explains the evolution of Hammer-IMS in terms of extending the team and the divisions, market segments and geographical activity. He mentions that an increasing number of nuclear and radioactive basis-weight and thickness measuring systems are replaced by the M-Ray enabled solutions of Hammer-IMS. Noël also talks about the importance of OEM partnerships, which include machine builders and manufacturers of inspection systems or quality control machines.

In his video, Tom talks about a number of technical highlights covering products and R&D. High measuring standoff is a major benefit of the M-Ray technology of Hammer-IMS. Furthermore, a lot of effort is spent on software usability (e.g. heat map visualization), field bus integration, OEM modules and development kits, and a brand new scanner... soon to be revealed!