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Products of Hammer-IMS explained at Wereld Van Papier

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Hammer-IMS will exhibit together with partner Tevel at the International Innovation Event for Paper and Cardboard on 1 February in Doorwerth, The Netherlands. Hammer-IMS's Marveloc 602 and CURTAIN products provide added-value for paper and cardboard processing activities, which are: grammage verification, highly-reliable and high-speed splice detection, fold detection and vibration detection.

Hammer-IMS is represented by Tevel during a talk entitled "Hammer-IMS: a millimeter wave based inline thickness measurement system". The programme is available at this link.

Our Marveloc-CURTAIN solutions provide the following added value for paper and carboard converters:

  • Built-in splice (weld) detection with > 20 cm variable stand-off distance and therefore eliminating human errors;
  • Built-in Input grammage/basis-weight measurement;
  • Built-in fold detection;
  • Vibration anomaly detection for web-fracture modeling;
  • High-speed measurement of 3KHz enable line speeds up to 500 meters per minute;
  • Contactless measurements;
  • Clean: Meaning non-nuclear, non-radioactive and therefore applicable in 24/7 staffed production;
  • Support for multi-layer processing;
  • Featuring cutting edge M-ray technology based on millimeter waves;
  • Multi-sensor approach enables high all-time coverage of the sheet;
  • Maintaining performance for all colors;
  • Easy-to-use state-of-the-art software environment;
  • Available as turnkey installations.

Check out the website of De Wereld Van Papier for more info and registration.

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