12 Jan 2023
Press release: Hammer-IMS raises its capital by 2.5 million euros via Invest for Jobs, LRM and Gemma Frisius Fund


Capital increase for Limburg-based manufacturer of cutting edge measuring technology accelerates its international expansion while at the same time strengthening anchoring and employment in Belgium

30 Dec 2022
Hammer 2023 celebration beer

Whether in France, in the Austrian Alps, at home in the backyard, or around the Christmas tree... Our colleagues, directors and trainees were rewarded with our original Hammer-IMS beer last year 2022, and subsequently made some nice-looking video shots. Here is the result... Aiming for a glass of 'Hammer Beer' in the year 2023? In 2023 we will grow the size of our team, so you might be around for some... Keep an eye on our job page Happy 2023!

20 Dec 2022
Read our interesting article in the Global Gypsum Magazine

Read our interesting article about In-line measurement of Insulation panels in the January edition of the Global Gypsum Magazine by our Technical Manager Tom Redant.

03 Oct 2022
Hammer-IMS at K-Show 2022

Join us from 19 to 26 October at the K-Show 2022 - Hall 11/H75  

Hammer-IMS - "One stop-shop Quality & Process control"

05 Sep 2022
Inline quality and automatic die control at ThermHex Waben

ThermHex Waben is using a non-nuclear and non-radioactive quality control machine of Hammer-IMS. The three-sensor inline scanning system measures the grammage of thermoplastic composite honeycomb panels and polypropylene honeycomb cores. In addition, the system with high measurement gap automatically adjusts the production's extrusion die to compensate for grammage variations. The innovative Hammer-IMS machine controls the production process better and eliminates human-related errors in the products of ThermHex Waben.

25 Aug 2022
We are moving!

Of course ... we are always moving with our new technology. But this time we are moving our HQ offices!

15 Jul 2022
Max Bertram joined Hammer-IMS as sales & business developer

As of January 2022, Max Bertram joined Hammer-IMS as sales & business developer. It looks like Max thinks internationally and has experienced different cultures. Here is a brief Q&A to get to know Max a little bit better.

15 Jul 2022
Preparing for event lineup across Europe in Fall and Winter

In the coming Fall and Winter months, Hammer-IMS will exhibit and/or participate in four events across Europe: Hofer Vliesstofftage in Hof (D), International Textile Coating & Lamination Congress in Ghent (B), K-Messe in Düsseldorf, and Global Insulation Conference & Exhibition in Estoril (P). Hammer-IMS will show a number of quality control solutions integrating plenty of innovations that provide instant feedback to manage and optimize your in-line production.

03 Jun 2022
Hammer-IMS capitalizes on machine vision and artificial intelligence as an additional eye in quality control

Hammer-IMS makes progress in machine vision and artificial intelligence as an additional eye in quality control of textiles, plastics and other inline produced products. Recently, Hammer-IMS engineers, in collaboration with the PXL Electronics and ICT campus in Hasselt (Toon Sterckx), developed camera-assisted defect detection based on machine learning. This feature will be a key part in the newest generation of Hammer-IMS’s Edge-Vision-4.0-CURTAIN products. The feature distinguishes defects and classifies these into multiple defect categories. The robust AI-based feature for inline quality control will soon be available, delivering state-of-the-art visual inspection.

02 Mar 2022
2022 Winter & Spring exhibitions line-up

After INDEX in Geneva last November, Hammer-IMS resumed its exhibition tour across Germany in Winter & Spring 2022. Many people came and visited us to watch one of our non-nuclear inline thickness and basis weight measuring systems in action! For example, the sleek and slim C-frame based system proves to be ideal for quality control of foils and films as well as coatings, paper, fabrics, textiles and nonwovens.