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The new CURTAIN extends our Marveloc 602

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Our very first product, the Marveloc 602 measuring system, can now be offered together with our new innovation: the CURTAIN product family.

Our CURTAIN products allow the Marveloc 602 measuring device to be integrated into a turn-key industrial solution.

In essence, the CURTAIN technology groups multiple Marveloc 602 sensor heads. The turn-key industrial solution is industrial proof and allows to insert Marveloc 602 measurement devices as desired. Dedicated cable conduits are foreseen to conceal the Marveloc’s wiring and come to a clean solution. A great asset is CURTAIN's multi-head nature. Many CURTAIN family products provide support for applying millimeter waves simultaneously at multiple locations in cross-machine direction. This excellently serves wide-width production lines and situations where quick feedback is required. Hammer-IMS believes the CURTAIN integrations are an essential link between millimeter wave technology of the Marveloc 602 and your sheet or film production process. The CURTAIN technology supports traveling frames, of which the concept is shown in the animation below.

Hammer-IMS believes that multi-head CURTAIN-based solutions fit many applications:

  • Plastic construction sheet thickness measurement
  • Combined synthetic foam thickness and basis-weight measurement
  • PET film thickness measurement
  • Characterization of non-synthetic panels and boards for construction applications (wood board, plaster board, insulation)

Check out our solutions page for more information on this.

Our CURTAIN integrations will be shown at the Dusseldorfer K-Messe 2016.

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